Thursday, January 24, 2008

taking a breather

We moved! It's been such a circus the past couple of weeks with packing and moving but we seem to be settling in finally. I had a booth at the NEAR bridal expo last weekend. I always love doing those. I was barely able to get my booth together with living out of boxes but somehow i managed in the midst of the chaos. I had a great response and got to meet lots of wonderful brides..even was able to do a little networking with local photographers. I am so anxious to find an artistic community like i had back in little rock. Where are you creative peeps??? I was looking at some inspiration for decorating my house. And was checking out At Home in Arkansas' website..came across a mention of me in their blog(thanks guys!).

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Helloooo 2008!!

I love when a new year rolls around. Not because of the chance to make those silly new year's resolutions, ive never been one for those, but because it's a dawning of a new adventure. An entire new year sits before you in motion ready to be experienced. Exciting stuff! My family and I have some of our own adventures in the horizon..we are moving to Jonesboro, my hometown. My husband, Nate, has been offered a job that he cant refuse. We'll be closer to my parents too..which is definitely an added bonus...the possibility to have date nites yes, please! I am going to miss a lot of things about Little Rock but im really embracing the idea of moving back to a smaller community. Especially the idea of raising Tobin there. The idea of building up my cliental again sounds a bit challenging but im up for it, it will stretch me. This last year i have shot many weddings and portriats in Jonesboro. Here is Crystal Fowler and Matt Crawford's wedding that i photographed back in October. Such a fun bride and groom to work with and their wedding party was a blast! Best of luck to both of you!

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