Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vada Baby {Jonesboro, AR Portrait Photographer}

So much happiness has happened since i last blogged..I had my baby and SURPRISE it was a GIRL!!!!!
Vada was born the Thanksgiving nite, promptly on her due date :)
Nate and i chose not to find out this pregnancy what we were wasnt near as hard as i thought i would be.  It was the best surprise of our life. And big brother Tobin instantly took to her..he absolutely adores her.  Vada is such a sweet baby. We are just in love with her.
... life with two kids is busy and full..wouldnt trade it for the world though. 
So as you can see, some things will get neglected and my blog is one of them. I will try hard though to keep up updated on the fun photo adventures i go on and the lovely faces i get to photograph. Be sure to check out my facebook fan page. That will be updated more often! 
Vada is two months old and i am gearing up to start back to shooting in just a few weeks. Her and Tobin are my favorite subjects. Here is a recent photo of Vada...

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